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    The Stronger Hearts Exercise Program has been designed by a Dance Teacher (Christie Manuel) and a Physiotherapist (Adam Wilkes) to target the exercise needs of Aged Care participants. It offers a tailored approach to group exercise, enabling communities to offer daily exercise to help improve health and wellbeing. Our hope is that exercise professionals are better supported to optimise the functional status of their community, adding value to existing exercise prescriptions rather than attempting to change or replace them. Thus, it becomes a tool to enhance the frequency and ease with which exercise programs can be offered.

    It has a rehabilitative approach, with classes progressing in a graded fashion from motor skill, to neuromuscular endurance, and strength. In line with current best-practice, exercises provide plenty of challenges to balance in weight-bearing positions to attempt to maximise functional mobility and minimise the impact of falls.

    The program has been designed to match the exercise challenge with the functional capacity of the individual. This enables participants with lower levels of function and limited rehabilitative capacity to participate and enjoy the variety of benefits that movement has on wellbeing. The seated classes were designed for this purpose.

    We offer training workshops for local facilitators of exercise classes, such as Diversional Therapists and Activity Officers, in order to build confidence in running group classes, enhancing engagement and long-term adherence, navigating the Stronger Hearts Exercise Portal, and feeding relevant information back to the treating Health Care Professional.